Milan, March 3 2023 – In the last months, the falsified reports issue registered a major increase, which created the need for a reliable solution.

For this reason CESI Group, through its KEMA Labs Division, launches its free of charge report authenticity verification service for its customers.

The free service will allow customers to verify the authenticity of their reports, ensuring the validity of the data and ultimately promoting transparency and accountability within the industry. Finally, this service is meant to serve as a warning to the entire industry, which now more than ever is undergoing a moment of great transformation toward a more sustainable and responsible future horizon.

A dedicated email box is available to collect any request of report authenticity verification by any customer. Our Reporting and Editing Department will verify the document authenticity providing a feedback in due time

Accurate and reliable data are critical in the energy industry.  For this reason, our Group offer this free service to helping its clients achieve their goals in a transparent and accountable manner.