Hydropower is a type of renewable energy derived from flowing water.  There are two different types of hydropower plant – those with dams and reservoirs, or ‘run of river’ systems that do not have dams and reservoirs. Hydropower dams with large reservoirs can store water over short or long periods to meet peak demand. Run of river facilities produce power at a smaller scale.

Thanks to our technical expertise in the hydropower sector, we can help clients prepare geological, structural and hydraulic studies, feasibility studies, new installation designs and/or rehabilitation of existing plants, safety assessment, and design, installation and maintenance of monitoring systems.

CESI can support clients in installations such as:

  • Dams and barrages
  • Reservoir sedimentation
  • Flood control
  • Hydropower plants with reservoirs
  • Channels, tunnels, galleries and shafts, penstocks
  • Pumped storage power plants

CESI can also supervise hydropower plant operations with a focus on structural safety and performance. We have performed studies and activities on more than 300 dams in Italy and globally, including working on one of the biggest dams in the world (Itaipu, between Brazil and Paraguay).