ISMES, the CESI company specialized in civil infrastructures, has decades of experience in structural diagnostics and monitoring of cultural heritage and historical buildings protection, having developed more than 200 projects on the most important sites in Italy (e.g. Pisa tower, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud), and internationally (e.g. The Temple of Luxor, Mexico’s Metropolitan Cathedral).

Protecting cultural heritage is a complex matter which entails different aspects:

  • Structural behavior: over time structural materials suffer weathering and deterioration, which must be monitored to project scheduled maintenance activities and keep structural safety conditions.
  • Maintenance and restoration: culturally significant structures deteriorate over time and need to be maintained and restored. Monitoring helps engineers to predict when restoration activities will be needed, helping owners to plan their investments.
  • Site conditions: structural instability can be cause caused by site seismicity, changes in soil-bearing capacity and landscape slope conditions, as well as the deterioration of foundations over time. Monitoring helps to avoid damage to buildings and can help engineers to plan remediation actions.

ISMES can manage all the components of cultural heritage monitoring – developing, implementing and managing monitoring systems to guarantee safeguarding of any heritage architectural building.