Companies and public bodies have many responsibilities around environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace. CESI can provide diagnostic activities for:

  • Monitoring of emissions to air, analysing SO2, NOX, particulate matter and trace elements
  • Identification and classification of waste and residual material to decide how it should be disposed of or recycled
  • Biological, chemical and physical analysis of surface water to monitor environmental impacts of power plants and submarine cables
  • Air quality monitoring for SO2, NOX, particulate matter and trace elements)
  • Monitoring of terrestrial and marine animal and plant species of peculiar interest
  • Monitoring of acoustic and electromagnetic exposure
  • Sediment management: design, monitoring and implementation
  • Evaluation of indoor pollution.

CESI can design and implement environmental monitoring plans to determine the level of pollutants in water and soil, to analyse airborne pollutants and model how pollution levels change over time, as well as electromagnetic and acoustic exposure and indoor pollution in workplaces. CESI advises on how to comply with the relevant laws and regulations.