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Design of sediment management plan

Design of sediment management plan for Matucana and Huampanì hydropower plants, for Enel Perù

CESI implemented a preliminary study for Enel Generación Peru to identify possible solutions to heavy silting problems in the Huampaní and Matucana hydropower plants.

These plants have to deal with large amounts of sediment deposition, which builds up especially in intake structures, loading tanks, sand traps and sedimentation tanks, limiting plant productivity and operation.

We carried out an on-site inspection, identified the critical issues and developed technical solutions to prevent sedimentation, remove sediment from loading tanks and improve the management of the hydropower plant.

For both plants, we developed a dredging system that included suction pumps, a sediment release system and a pipeline with controlled turbidity levels. This system can be used as required in dry periods.

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