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Tackling problem odours

Tackling problem odours in the Muna basin and H2S treatment plants in Paraiso basin, for Emgesa

Emgesa commissioned CESI to carry out a study of the phenomenon of odour emissions from the Muña basin and from the Paraíso power station, based on environmental monitoring conducted by Emgesa itself over several years.

The aim was to identify the best way to reduce odour generation from the “Muña” basin and to design a collection and treatment system for H2S emissions from “El Paraíso” power plant.

CESI analysed the conditions that generate odours in the Muña reservoir and did the same for the operating procedures of the “El Paraíso” power plant. We identified secondary emission sources and proposed immediate measures for their mitigation.

CESI performed a modelling study of odour emissions from the Muña basin and produced concentration maps. We identified the management and plant engineering interventions to mitigate the impact of emissions on the surrounding area of the Muña basin and the El Paraíso power plant in line with Colombian environmental legislation. We issued a specification for the interventions required at the Muña basin and designed a new emissions collection and treatment system from El Paraíso plant. These actions will allow the plant to reduce the impact of odour emissions to within the limits set by Colombian legislation.

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