CESI has a pool of technicians with long experience in civil engineering analysis. Our expertise allows us to study and supervise infrastructure behaviour and safety (plants, civil artefacts, historical monuments...). In particular, CESI offers three services:

  • Consulting services for dam management: CESI is specialised in hydraulic studies (assessment & mitigation planning for hydraulic/hydrogeological risk), structural safety assessment (structural health & safety studies, design of consolidation measures to improve structural performance), monitoring (design, set up and maintenance of static/dynamic structural & environmental monitoring systems)
  • Development of monitoring systems based on our proprietary software, principally: structural static and/or dynamic control before, during and after consolidation works and structural identification, analysis and assessment of the behaviour of structures and land.
  • Structural assessment and civil engineering: CESI supports clients at every stage of their projects.  We provide studies of structural and foundation materials, geological-geomechanical-geotechnical studies, static and dynamic structural assessment, studies on improving structural safety and performance, seismic risk analysis and hydrogeological risk analysis. CESI also manages assets and construction yards.