It is the economy, stupid!

Recently I was guiding a group of visitors through our lab when one of them asked, why is there still a need for testing and certification of electrical equipment, like we do here every day
at KEMA laboratories. He asked :

“You know – you electrical engineers have been making electrical equipment for the last 100 years, for sure you must have figured it out by now! How come you lab guys are busy every day with these complicated tests? ” One of my younger colleagues was eager to impress and replied, “Well sir, it’s the constant innovation in our industry that is leading to this need – you are aware that 25% of all equipment we test, fails to meet the appropriate standards” Then a test engineer from the lab rather abruptly added “it is the economy stupid!” Fortunately, our guest recognized this famous phrase from Bill Clinton – and understood after a short conversation that the constant focus to lower the cost of components
also provides constant pressure for improving current and new designs and of course the need for testing!

However, innovation of course is very important as well – therefore we are very happy to let you know that recently we extended our research team with two additional PhD students from Delft University of Technology focussing on future grids under the leadership of our own professor ir. Peter Vaessen.

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