Queen Máxima high-power Laboratory

In Early October it already felt like the festive season had started, when KEMA celebrated its 90th birthday in Amsterdam, with a small conference with customers and other stakeholders. We officially opened the extension of our lab, renaming our short-circuit lab “Queen Máxima High-Power Laboratory” with full permission of her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands. The opening means more power is available for testing, and with two additional machines, hopefully also more availability of the testing facilities to give our customers in future a more “royal” testing experience through enhanced efficiency and less waiting time .

In the meantime, business is going ahead and it seems that our industry is racing ahead to make sure that we collectively can tackle tomorrow’s challenges. For example, the cable industry is making big investments to prepare new cable systems that can carry more energy either from point-to-point with higher voltage HVDC technology and on the other hand, we see big advances in traditional (sub-sea) AC systems. Novel HVDC Breaker technology, something we are now testing in our Arnhem lab could, of course, change the traditional boundaries between HVAC and HVDC applications.

Over the last two years we have been meeting a lot of our customers at their facilities and offices, and we realize more than ever, that in most places it remains a challenge to keep the electricity flowing around the clock. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!

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