​The recent changes to IEC standard for Low Voltage switchgear assembly created a higher demand of tests which earlier were not mandatory. The former IEC 60439 defined indeed two different approaches to compliance: TTA – Type Tested Assembly, an assembly that has been completely type tested and PTTA – Partially Type Tested Assembly, an assembly containing some non-tested arrangements.
IEC61439 has modified this approach, by replacing it with three different (but equivalent) methods to verify the compliance: verification by testing, verification by calculation/measurement, verification by satisfying design rule. IEC61439 has also introduced new concepts: Original Manufacturer, i.e. the organization that has carried out the original design and associated verification of an assembly in accordance with the standard and Assembly Manufacturer, which is the organization taking the responsibility of the complete assembly (this may be a different company as the original manufacturer). Thus, the relationship among all players needs to be reinforced and CESI can offer to the customers the required experience and tests to be carried out in only one facility, thanks to IPH testing laboratories.
CESI provided interesting insights on Product Conformity Assessment for Low Voltage Applications during a Technical Seminar held at Middle East Electricity 2015 in Dubai. Paolo Miolo, Sales and Marketing Director of CESI Testing and Certification Division and Cristian La Salvia, Proposal Manager for Low Voltage at IPH GmbH, presented the low-voltage testing facilities of IPH GmbH in Berlin, which offer a high level of test standards and customer support.
The Seminar gave the opportunity to CESI to meet its international customers and discuss with them how to further improve services targeted to their needs, according to the new standards determined byIEC61439.The discussion focused also on what market competition is based and, more precisely, that is not defined only by an appealing price, but rather by the quality of service provided by the long-term experience of a companies like CESI and IPH. Some utilities of the Middle East region, e.g. ADDC Abu-Dhabi, launched an initial intent of cooperation to strengthen the presence of CESI in the area and enable the complete accreditation and subsequent inclusion in the Guide Lines for low voltage, to which all manufacturers of the Middle East refer for the realization of the test and certification of conformity .