Both developing and industrialised countries are investing increasing amounts of money to upgrade their power systems in order to ensure reliable and efficient power supplies and to facilitate energy trading with neighbouring countries. At the same time, the traditional transmission network model is coming under pressure from the spread of distributed generation.

With few technological breakthroughs likely in new materials, efforts to develop new HVAC infrastructure have been focused on trying to reduce costs, with digital technologies expected to play a significant role in improving the efficiency of both individual components and entire systems.

Increasing the efficiency of new high HVAC infrastructure and upgrading existing systems is increasingly important. Possibilities include installing new power transformers and replacing obsolete equipment such as measurement transformers, circuit breakers and disconnectors, control and monitoring equipment, protection equipment and secondary systems.

As HVAC infrastructure is developed, CESI can advise on all technical and managerial matters, help with feasibility studies and oversee project implementation.