KEMA Labs is world renowned Testing, Inspections & Certification organization. Located at several sites across the globe, we combine traditional with state-of-the-art gear to ensure every kind of grid equipment, from medium- to ultra high-voltage , can be tested, satisfying today’s increasingly demanding criteria for performance and safety .

Brief history

1927      KEMA is founded by Dutch power utilities

1929      The company wins its first foreign contract

1937      KEMA sets up its first large-scale high power laboratory

1938      It sets up its first large scale high voltage laboratory

1952      The laboratories are rebuilt after WW2

1958      A new high power laboratory is created

1977      KEMA, which now employs 1,200 people, celebrates its 50 th anniversary

1987      Introduction of three phase synthetic testing

1990      KEMA buys Powertest in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, USA

1992      The company’s high power laboratory measurement system is digitalised

2001      The company opens a Medium Voltage laboratory

2008      KEMA opens a flex power grid laboratory

2009      A new high voltage laboratory is opened

2009      The company buys ZKU in Prague, Czech Republic

2012      DNV GL buys KEMA

2014      A new HVDC cable testing laboratory is opened

2017      The high power laboratory is expanded to test at ultra-high voltage levels of 800 – 1200 kV

2019      CESI acquires KEMA