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Studi strutturali di Ingegneria Civile
ISMES, società appartenente al Gruppo CESI, dispone di un pool di tecnici con una lunga esperienza nell’analisi strutturale nel campo dell’ingegneria civile. Le nostre competenze ci permettono di studiare e supervisionare il comportamento e la sicurezza delle infrastrutture (impianti, manufatti civili, opere d’arte viarie, monumenti storici). Studi strutturali di ingegneria civile, dighe e sistemi di monitoraggio […]
Monitoraggio dighe e verifiche strutturali
Le dighe sono opere essenziali per lo sviluppo di un paese, sia per la produzione di energia elettrica sia per lo sviluppo dell’agricoltura, grazie all’utilizzo dello sbarramento come bacino di accumulo di acqua per consentirne lo sfruttamento per l’irrigazione. Dighe e Bacini idrici – Centrali ad acqua fluente Esistono varie tipologie di dighe, realizzate con […]
Advisory services
Operational studies
The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is introducing new challenges in terms of managing transmission and distribution networks while guaranteeing the security and resilience of the system: the generation mix is undergoing an evolution (in some cases a revolution), with more distributed generation coming onto the system, more alternative energy storage capacity being added, and […]
ISMES studi idrogeologici sistemi di monitoraggio modellazione strutture complesse
Analisi Strutturale Grandi Opere
Lo scopo dell’analisi strutturale è definire sia il dimensionamento geometrico che l’individuazione dei materiali da costruzione più idonei per realizzare gli elementi portanti di una struttura. Lo scopo è garantire la resistenza ai carichi a cui è sottoposta la struttura durante la sua intera vita utile. L’analisi strutturale riguarda sia strutture esistenti che nuove. L’approccio […]
ISMES studi idrogeologici sistemi di monitoraggio modellazione strutture complesse
Valutazione analisi Rischio idrogeologico
Valutazione ed analisi del rischio idrogeologico relativo a strutture strategiche e/o ad infrastrutture (autostrade, ponti, elettrodotti).La valutazione del rischio viene condotta considerando l’interazione tra le tre componenti che definiscono il rischio stesso: la pericolosità, la vulnerabilità e l’esposizione. L’approccio di ISMES L’approccio sta nel valutare e quantificare le tre componenti che definiscono il rischio così […]
ISMES studi idrogeologici sistemi di monitoraggio modellazione strutture complesse
Analisi rischio sismico del territorio e delle infrastrutture
Tutto il territorio nazionale è ormai classificato come sismico. Ne consegue che ogni struttura o infrastruttura esistente o di futura realizzazione, deve poter resistere al terremoto senza riportare danni strutturali. La valutazione del rischio viene condotta considerando l’interazione tra le tre componenti che definiscono il rischio stesso: la pericolosità, la vulnerabilità e l’esposizione. L’approccio di […]
​ CESI has conducted a study about marine power cables laid in valuable environmental areas, in particular crossing Posidonia oceanica meadows. The study deals with different submarine interconnections laid on seagrass meadows, from 1970 to now. The results made possible to associate every case study and protection technique to the best mitigation measures related to […]
Civil Engineering
Feasibility studies
ISMES has a wide range of expertise in feasibility studies in all branches of Civil Engineering: ISMES carries out feasibility studies for civil infrastructure (such as roads, highways, railways, etc.) as well as for Power infrastructures (HydroPower Dams, RES power plants, Power interconnections, HV Substations..). These studies define the main aspects of civil engineering works […]
Studies & Permitting
Environmental studies
CESI has long experience in environmental studies and permitting issues. We oversee complex projects, identifying site-specific constraints and assessing technology alternatives and their environmental impacts. This includes pre-operation evaluations of potential impacts, the mitigation required and infrastructure monitoring. We work with clients during the entire authorization process, drawing on our extensive experience of environmental and […]
Advisory services
Planning studies
The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is affecting them in a variety of ways, including: a (r)evolution in the generation mix, the rise of distributed generation, the deployment of energy storage capacity, enhanced interconnections between countries and more integrated power markets. In addition, the electrification of sectors that still rely on fossil fuels is changing […]
Med-TSO market studies
CESI has been awarded a contract by Med-TSO through an international call for tender. It is the first integrated Euro-Mediterranean market study proposed by the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators. The Euro-Mediterranean Region share the European necessity to enhance the coordination of  the development plans and  the electric grids operation  in order  to achieve  the benefits […]
Studies & Permitting
Sustainability studies
CESI has long experience in sustainability services. We help our clients to improve their sustainability and develop circular businesses, integrate sustainability into their business and create additional value for the company. Our teams have extensive experience of developing and implementing strategies, models and processes to help companies achieve sustainability goals. Our sustainability services include:
Environmental Site assessment & Feasibility Studies
Environmental impact assessments, including soil and groundwater investigation, are often mandatory, for example in response to a spill or when the site is part of larger Sites of National Concern. In other cases, Environmental impact assessment is required for contractual reasons (e.g. before the purchase or sale of a site) or where it is necessary […]
Environment (Consulting)
Studies & Permitting
Advisory services
Regulatory & Market studies
As the power sector evolves, it will require substantial investment. electricity generators need to base their investment strategies on their expected revenues. It is vitally important for them to predict their competitive positioning across all markets: from forward markets to real time balancing. Price scenarios need to be estimated considering both renewable generating units, which […]
Renewables: a study by CESI and WEC
​Renewables, including hydro, now account for over 30% of the total global installed power generation capacity and 23% of total global electricity production. In the past 10 years, wind and solar PV have witnessed an explosive average annual growth of 23% and 50% respectively, although their combined contribution to the global electricity supply is currently […]
CESI – WEC study on variable renewables
Integration of variable renewables: achievements, challenges and solutions. A report by CESI and WEC The Report ‘Variable Renewables Integration in Electricity Systems 2016 – How to get it right’ is published by the World Energy Council in partnership with Project Supporter and the Council’s Global Partner, CESI S.p.A. The report draws upon 32 country case […]
Technical papers
Dry Stone Masonry Dams, Interpretative analysis of long term horizontal and vertical displacements
​Dry stone masonry dams are a heritage of the beginning of 19th century in Italy, where 15 dams of such typology have been built. These dams are no longer permitted by the Italian dam regulation since 1959 and rockfill dams have been their natural evolution. The object of the analysis is the assessment of long-term […]
The EIB awards to CESI a strategic study for Jordan
​The European Investment Bank, through the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) aimed at supporting the partner countries in their efforts towards better governance and economic and social development, is financing a Technical Assistance to investigate the reinforcement of a power transmission corridor in Jordan . This reinforcement becomes paramount, when considering the significant amounts of new […]
​Addis Abeba, March 7, 2019 – CESI is attending the workshop “Accelerating the renewable energy transition in Ethiopia”, organized by Res4Med. During the event, the Company is presenting its study crafted and developed together with RES4Africa and Enel Foundation focused on the integration of variable renewables into the Ethiopian electrical grid considering the development scenario […]