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System studies for the review of the grid system performance and proposals for system stability improvement under Pakistan National Power Transmission Modernization Phase 1 Project

CESI has been selected by NTDC, the Pakistani TSO, to carry out a study for reviewing the national grid system performance and for proposing system stability improvements. The assignment objectives are to:

  • Study the performance of the NTDC grid system
  • Fine-tune the NTDC system models (dynamic data models).
  • Determine the optimal location for Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) or Synchro-phasors in the NTDC grid for system security, stability, and reliability.
  • Prepare Defense Plans and Remedial Management System for system stability and reliability.
  • Determine Protection Relay Settings / Set Points for the complete power system.
  • Perform Relay Coordination Studies and their validation through protection software.
  • Prepare Reactive Power Management Plan for both high and low reactive demand scenarios.
  • Determine Maximum Loading Limits in summer and winter scenarios.
  • Perform Short Circuit Analysis of NTDC system both for maximum and minimum operation modes.
  • Undertake Large and Small Signal Stability Analysis of NTDC Network to identify the oscillatory modes.
  • Perform Harmonic analysis, Flicker analysis and Intermittency analysis for RES i.e. Solar and Wind with remedial measures including but not limited to the application of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).
  • Carry out Electromagnetic Transient Studies for existing and ongoing 500 kV transmission system.
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis on the NTDC SCADA and Communication Systems to be able to capture the impact of above-mentioned new system additions, such as, requirement for the integration of a Real Time Dynamic Monitoring System (RTDMS) or Wide Area Monitoring System. Also provide the role & cost of Optimal Dispatch Engine at the National Control Center, if not already available in the upcoming SCADA/EMS system.
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2022 – ongoing
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