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Standards for Rooftop Solar systems in Oman

Standards for Rooftop Solar systems in Oman

Development of standards for rooftop solar systems in Oman

CESI supported the Authority for Electricity Regulation in Oman (AER) in developing standards for rooftop solar PV Systems to be connected to the distribution network.

Oman has launched ambitious plans for renewable energy investment for both small-scale and utility scale projects and put in place a robust incentive scheme to support the development of small-scale distributed PV. The AER, aware of the risks and challenges related to a fast deployment of distributed renewable energy connected to the distribution system, as experienced for example in Europe, wanted to set up from the outset proper rules and regulations for connecting PV plants, in line with the best and most up-to-date international practices.

CESI carried out a range of activities to support the AER, including:

  • Developing standards for rooftop solar PV through a review of international standards and rules for connecting rooftop systems to distribution networks, a review and critical analysis of Oman’s Electrical Standards and drafting technical standards for the connection of rooftop solar PV
  • Creation of guidelines for a typical connection process, including a flowchart process for distribution companies and applicants to follow for connecting solar PV systems to a distribution network and a description of activities, roles and responsibilities for each step of the process
  • Definition of the requirements for solar PV system designers and installers, identifying the different stakeholders, the minimum requirements in terms of experience, competence, education and training for each subject and recommending an accreditation process scheme
  • Study of net metering schemes, comparing different net metering arrangements and providing recommendations in relation to metering arrangements, energy accounting and settlement
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