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Smart Grid Strategy for Saudi Arabia

Smart metering and smart grids strategy for Saudi Arabia.

CESI supported the Electricity & Cogeneration Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ECRA, in identifying the best way to deploy smart meters and smart grid infrastructure in the kingdom, analysing both strategic and technical aspects related to the current Saudi environment and specific challenges and characteristics of the kingdom’s electricity industry. We also analysed other countries’ experiences, success stories and lessons learnt, technological best practices and relevant technical, economic and regulatory implications.

The study performed by CESI had the following aims:

  • To identify the current and future challenges that a smart grid strategy can help overcome
  • To investigate and review available smart metering technologies that are best suited for the Saudi electricity Industry and its customers
  • To help ECRA and the major electricity industry stakeholders in the kingdom to determine the salient requirements of proposed smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure to be deployed
  • To develop a smart grid deployment strategy for Saudi Arabia
  • To advise on and help to implement an efficient, gradual and timely roll-out of smart meters

This study helped ECRA to design an efficient and cost-effective road map, enabling the massive installation of smart grids and smart metering innovative technologies all around the kingdom.

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