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metering infrastructure strategic analysis

Transmission & Distribution
Grid Modernisation
Intelligence has been integral to electricity grids since their inception: supervision, control and protection have always been key activities for system operators. So, what’s different about the smart grid? Grids are becoming more complex for a variety of reasons, including the roll-out of distributed generation, changes in customer behavior (including the rise of the ‘prosumer’) […]
Advisory services
Planning studies
The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is affecting them in a variety of ways, including: a (r)evolution in the generation mix, the rise of distributed generation, the deployment of energy storage capacity, enhanced interconnections between countries and more integrated power markets. In addition, the electrification of sectors that still rely on fossil fuels is changing […]
Storage & E-mobility
E-mobility infrastructures
The electrification of transport is expected to significantly contribute to decarbonization. From private cars to corporate fleets, from public transport to commercial mobility, the whole system will have to be transformed, particularly in terms of managing supply and integrating electric vehicles into the power grid. CESI’s deep expertise in power grids and power markets, as […]
Keynote for a “Smart” growth in Middle East
​ CESI will take part to the 2nd Annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit in Abu Dhabi from October 8th to 9th an event organized by Fleming Gulf. “The Middle East electricity market is one that promises to grow at an accelerated pace over the next few years. With higher consumption rates coupled with ambitious […]
Engineering Consulting
Technical Specification & Procurement Assistance
Technical specifications, as the key component of bidding documents, play an important role in procurement, especially in projects that involve complex equipment and new technologies. Consistency in bidding documents optimizes the project scope, mitigates possible project risks and ensures smoother project execution by helping to avoid significant changes. CESI has a depth of experience in […]
Natural hazards
Seismic risk
All of Italy is classified as seismically active. Therefore, every piece of infrastructure, new and existing, has to deal with seismic risk. ISMES has extensive experience in se ismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior of concrete (arch […]
About us
In the framework of the significant evolution that the Infrastructural sector is living, CESI Group has established ISMES as a company totally dedicated to civil and infrastructure engineering. Through ISMES, we offer effective solutions for a sustainable world to meet our clients’ needs. ISMES activities embrace the entire life cycle of complex infrastructures , supporting […]
Milan, November 15, 2018 – CESI will attend the Energy Forum, organized  by The Adam Smith Society in collaboration with “Il Festival della Luce”. The Forum will deal with the most important trends in the energy sector. In this respect, CESI CEO Matteo Codazzi will make a speech on some of these trends: from the […]
Dubai, May 8th 2018 –  Cesi is attending the 4th Advanced Cable Middle East Conference (ACME) in Dubai, the one-stop networking and information gathering platform for all market players in the Middle East. Itcovers fields like Power Transmission, Building Infrastructure , Cable Industry, fiber Optics and Power Cable. In particular, Cesi’s speakers Paolo Miolo, testing […]
CESI at the RES4MED Conference
​CESI is pleased to announce its participation to the RES4MED Conference at SOLAREXPO that will be held in Milan on May 9th, 2013. Comprehensive national RE plans and institutional and industrial initiatives are engaged in deploying green electricity within an integrated energy market . One year after its launch, RES4MED gathers in Milan key stakeholders […]
Data analyses
Supported by our proprietary software, SMES engineers study and oversee the behavior of infrastructure: offering static and/or dynamic structural safety control before, during and after consolidation works and identification, analysis, and assessment of the behavior of structures and land. This gives the client fully technical support to perform the checks they need to do. Data […]
Civil Engineering
Seismic & hydrogeological risk assessment
All of Italy is classified as seismically active, so every piece of infrastructure, both new and existing, has to deal with the risk of earthquakes. ISMES has extensive experience in the seismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior […]
ACER signs a Framework Agreement with CESI
​The European Agency for the Cooperation of the Energy Regulators – ACER – has signed with the Consortium led by CESI SpA (in association with RAMBØLL Denmark AS) a framework agreement for the provision of technical assistance activities in the field of energy regulation . The scope of the services under this Lot includes: • Technical […]
Engineering Consulting
Design Review
When building a large infrastructure project, the contractor’s design proposals must be appraised to ensure that the calculations, designs, materials and arrangements comply with technical specifications, are of suitable material and quality , and are assembled efficiently and effectively. CESI has a long track record of design review activities performed for utilities and investors worldwide, […]
Civil Infrastructure
Transport Infrastructure
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering is a field that encompasses competences such as geology, geotechnics, hydraulics, structural engineering and construction management. Civil engineering supports human activity and safety in sectors such as infrastructure, electric power generation and transmission, oil and gas, seismic and hydrogeological risk management, transport and urban communities. ISMES, CESI’s specialist civil engineering company, […]
Engineering Consulting
Construction & Commissioning Supervision
CESI has decades of experience in managing complex projects with multiple contractors where the manufacturing, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the system must be carried out in accordance with contractual conditions, design documents, applicable codes, standards, time scheduling and other contract requirements . Whether the development concerns power plants, industrial plants, testing laboratories, transmission […]
CESI rolls out 2nd phase of Oman project
​Muscat, CESI has been awarded the second phase of the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology implementation project by Nama Group Oman. The objectives of this AMR Roll Out assignment is the implementation of a central system to obtain customer readings remotely. With such a system, the Authority for Electricity Regulation in The Sultanate will be […]
9th ICOLD European Club Symposium 2013
​On behalf of ITCOLD and ICOLD European Club, CESI has the pleasure to inform you that registrations for the 9th ICOLD European Club Symposium are now open. The event “Sharing experience for safe and sustainable water storage” will take place on 10-12 April 2013 in Venice, Italy. The technical European community from the dam field […]
Advisory services
Regulatory & Market studies
As the power sector evolves, it will require substantial investment. electricity generators need to base their investment strategies on their expected revenues. It is vitally important for them to predict their competitive positioning across all markets: from forward markets to real time balancing. Price scenarios need to be estimated considering both renewable generating units, which […]
CESI enhances its presence in South East Asia
​As part of the Consulting Division strategy to increase presence in the ASEAN market, in September CESI took part in 3 key events within the region . Philippines: ADB Regional Energy Trading Workshop In the framework of the Regional Energy Trading Workshop organized by the Asian Development Bank in Manila, CESI has been invited to […]