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Integration of non-programmable renewable energy in Ethiopia

Integration of non-programmable renewable energy in Ethiopia

The RESFORAFRICA Foundation commissioned CESI to examine the integration of non-programmable renewable generation into the power system of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s national strategy for developing renewable energy generation in Ethiopia will create attractive opportunities for private investors, but also needs technical investigations to identify possible issues regarding the operation of the power system and the network reinforcements necessary to ensure its security when connecting new renewable power plants.

CESI consultancy services included:

  • Providing an assessment of the maximum amount of non-programmable renewable generation that can be installed in Ethiopia without compromising the reliability, integrity and efficiency of the power system
  • Executing reliability and market-based analyses to assess the benefits for Ethiopia’s electric power system of integrating new renewable generations and the impact it will have on the cost of energy

Evaluating the capacity of the transmission and sub-transmission system to transport the power generated by the new renewable power plants

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