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Consulting Development Planning, Construction Supervision and Commissioning Services for the PLN Main and Disaster Recovery Control Centers

Within the context of the World Bank support to the Government of Indonesia on improving the grid reliability in Eastern Indonesia, CESI is providing consultancy to the Bank analyzing the grid reliability in Kalimantan and providing recommendations on technical constraints.

The study is addressed to investigate some of the main topics related to the system security and reliability:

  • Grid stability
  • Grid protection and defense
  • Grid restoration
  • Grid future development

The overall project is organized into the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Inception Presentation and Data Collection
  • Task 2: Defense Scheme, System Recovery and Protection Relay Setting
  • Task 3: System Stability Issues
  • Task 4: Transmission System Plan of Kalimantan Grid:

At the completion of task 4, the results of the study will be presented by CESI team in a workshop in Indonesia.

Area Manager
2021 - ongoing
Construction supervision & commissioning
Design Review
Technical specification & Procurement Assistance
Industries Expertise
SCADA and Control Centers
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