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Storage & E-mobility

Virtual Power Plants and Aggregators

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of decentralized, medium-scale power generating units such as wind farms, solar parks, and combined heat and power (CHP) units, as well as flexible power resources such as EVs, controllable loads and storage systems. The interconnected units are dispatched through the network operation center of the Virtual Power Plant, but are independently owned and operated.

VPPs provide electricity and ancillary services in a similar way to traditional power plants. VPPs exchange energy with markets and manage the multitude of different resources in real time or quasi real time while the markets exchange energy and information with VPPs as if dealing with a single “traditional” resource.

To support the development of VPPs CESI provides advice on:

  • Designing the architecture and software requirement specification (SRS) for VPPs
  • Optimizing algorithms for different VPP assets (CHP, energy storage, EVs etc.)
  • Balancing the potentially competing interests of grid distribution management, market and program support
  • Development of use cases

You can find out more on the website of EnerNex, a CESI US company focused on smart grid technologies.

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