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High-Voltage laboratories IN New Haven – Connecticut

Is your business in New Haven, Connecticut ? Do you need a top-level high-voltage laboratory to test your products? KEMA LABs is the perfect solution for you. 

KEMA LABs stands as a beacon of excellence for electrical testing services. KEMA LABs specializes in a broad array of tests, notably including both AC and DC high-power short-circuit examinations, as well as extensive high-voltage assessments. 

Our expertise extends to synthetic, thermal, and impulse testing among others, ensuring comprehensive diagnostics across a wide spectrum of electrical testing needs. 

KEMA facilities are uniquely equipped to handle the rigorous demands of the US power grid, offering unparalleled testing capabilities for devices operating at both distribution and sub-transmission levels.

If your Business is located in New Haven, Connecticut, you can utilize the United States-based KEMA Laboratories, which is specialized in High-Power and High-Voltage Testing

KEMA High-Power Laboratory is renowned for its ability to produce short circuit outputs reaching 245kV/63kA, showcasing our leading-edge capabilities in handling extreme testing scenarios. In tandem, our High-Voltage Laboratory excels in providing top-tier dielectric testing services up to 230kV, perfectly complementing the high-power tests to offer a full suite of diagnostic services. Together, these state-of-the-art facilities are strategically positioned to support the evolving needs of the US power grid, conducting essential tests that ensure the reliability and safety of electrical devices across the nation.

Lab Capabilities
Short-Circuit Testing
High Voltage: ≤ 245kV, ≤ 63kA (Synthetic / In Development)
Medium Voltage: ≤ 72kV, ≤ 63kA
Low voltage AC: ≤ 2.4kV, ≤ 275kA
Low Voltage DC: ≤ 1.6kV, ≤ 230kA
Dielectric Testing
Lightning Impulse: 1.4MV
Switching Impulse: 900kV
AC Dry Power Frequency: 600kV, 4000mA
AC Wet Power Frequency: 250kV, 600mA
DC Withstand: 130kV, 10mA
Load Switching Testing
Medium Voltage:  ≤ 38kV, ≤ 5kA
Thermal Testing
Up to 12kAAC , 3f, 60Hz at less than 32V
Up to 8kADC  at less than 48V
Capacitor Switching Testing
High Voltage:  72.5kV, 550A (Single Phase)
Medium Voltage:  38kV, 1,260A (Three Phase)
Medium Voltage:  15kV, 2,000A (Three Phase)
Test Frequencies
16.67Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz & 60Hz
Types of Tests Offered
  • Short-Circuit Interruptions
  • Fault-making Current
  • Cable & Line Current Switching
  • Capacitor Current Switching
  • Synthetic Method (In development)
  • Internal Arcing Fault Resistance
  • Momentary & Short-Time Withstand
  • Audible Sound
  • Transformer Short-Circuit
  • Transformer Routine Testing (In development)
  • Transformer Rectifier Unit Testing
  • Electrical Endurance
  • Lightning & Switching Impulse
  • Power Frequency (Wet & Dry)
  • Partial Discharge, Corona, RIV
  • Thermal Current
  • Rain Test
Types of Equipment Tested
  • Switchgear, Panel Boards & Switchboards
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Load Break Switches
  • Fault Interrupters
  • Reclosers
  • Capacitor Switchers
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Current Limiting & Cut Out Fuses
  • BusDuct / Busways / Cable Ways
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Transformer Rectifier Units
  • Reactors
  • Motor Controllers
  • Cables & Grounding Assemblies
  • Pantographs
  • Generator Terminal Enclosers
Test Standards
  • A2LA – Certificate Number 0553.01
  • ISO 17025
  • UL Third Party Test Data Program (TPTDP)

High-Voltage Testing Laboratories – For Clients residing in New Haven, Connecticut, and all over the US

KEMA LABs sets the global standard with its High-Power Laboratories, offering a spectrum of testing services from short circuit and switching tests to short-term current evaluations based on international and regional benchmarks. Our facilities are scattered across various strategic locations worldwide, boasting short circuit power capabilities ranging from 2,000 to an unparalleled 15,000 MVA three-phase. This wide-ranging capacity marks us as the most versatile independent third-party test laboratory globally. Our team of adept test engineers combines industry-leading technology with profound expertise to deliver tests that are not only flexible and efficient but also cost-effective, ensuring your components meet the highest standards of transmission and distribution.

High-Voltage Testing Services for companies residing in New Haven, Connecticut – Leading-Edge Service

As the demand for energy transportation over vast distances grows, so does the necessity for components capable of operating under increased voltages. KEMA Labs’ High-Voltage Laboratories stand at the forefront of this field, recognized internationally as a leading independent testing and certification authority for medium and high-voltage electrical infrastructure components. Our capacity to test a diverse range of components — from cables and insulators to power transformers and switchgear — is unmatched.

We accommodate the needs of numerous clients simultaneously, solidifying our position as a critical player in the advancement of global electrical infrastructure standards.

High Voltage Ratings

Dielectric test (IEC 60060-1)

  • AC up to 1.2 MV
  • LI up to 3.5 MV
  • SI up to 2.5 MV
  • RIV/Corona test up to 600 kV AC