Over the last 20 years, CESI has developed significant experience in soil and groundwater environmental remediation at industrial sites, mainly power generation and oil and gas plants, in Italy and around the world.

CESI can offer services across a range of disciplines to guarantee a full-service offering around remediation and clean-up of contaminated sites:

  • Environmental site assessment for industrial sites, forest land or rural sites
  • Environmental soil and groundwater analysis for real estate projects, and identification of potential environmental liabilities in mergers and acquisitions
  • Preliminary investigation into soil and groundwater quality and execution of safety and environmental measures
  • Analysis to identify if pollutants are present at a site and if so, whether sites exceed the threshold level
  • Procedure risk analysis for determining CSR and monitoring plan definition
  • Remediation projects, from definition of concept to laboratory to pilot project and industrial scale testing and full-scale basic design remediation projects
  • Assisting with project approval, managing administrative aspects and co-ordinating interactions between public bodies and customers
  • Preparing technical specifications for tenders, defining project scope, project management, construction management, implementing programmes and processes defined in the project phases.