One of the trends in the electromechanical industry is the progressive shift to natural ester as dielectric fluid used in power and distribution transformers. The journey from the first prototypes to transmission and distribution utilities and large-scale applications is slowly moving forward, pushed by the strong drive of public opinion in modern societies to switch to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. In fact, ester dielectric coolant has proven to possess many of the same performance advantages of synthetic esters, whilst being much more economical .

Focused on the increasingly important role that green oil could play for transformers, our webinar will present to the audience the main technological steps in the development of sustainable dielectric fluids and the main improvements connected to their use in the electricity transmission and distribution sector. During the webinar, Fabio Scatiggio (Chemical Laboratory Manager at TERNA), Kevin Rapp (Principal Scientist at CARGILL Bioindustrial) and Frank Busse (Senior Consultant for Power and Distribution Transformers at KEMA Labs) will explore the main challenges and opportunities linked to the shift to natural esters. Three points of view will be presented from different perspectives: the oil industry, the transmission utility and the independent test laboratory. The aim of this webinar consists of sharing the experience of a large-scale application of natural esters in the transmission assets, as well as assessing the necessary quality assurance and control processes linked with transformers design and manufacturing, which have to be taken during the shift from traditional mineral oils to natural esters.

Today, natural esters represent the major alternative to mineral insulating oils, which have been historically the main insulating liquid due to low cost and relatively good physical properties. Certainly, the shift to natural esters is one of the key steps towards greener and more sustainable future transmission and distribution networks. KEMA Labs, a CESI Brand, is proud to be part of this journey.

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