This free of charge webinar aims to present the requirements and testing of a few critical, recently developed components crucial for the realization of mashed HVDC grids. These components include HVDC switchgear including HVDC circuit breakers and HVDC GIS, HVDC cables together with their accessories, etc. This webinar highlights the latest developments and trends, performance verification and testing, existing gaps in the technical specifications, new non-standard stresses especially various categories of over-voltages, and ongoing standardization activities .

The webinar is divided into three parts. The first part discusses overview of offshore HVDC grid developments and current trends with focus on HVDC switchgear, the second part focuses on the TSO perspective highlighting the new development trends of the offshore HVDC connection, challenges and gaps towards meshed HVDC grid development, non-standardized special stresses identified as new requirements for HVDC cable testing, and the third part focuses on the actual testing of HVDC cable together with its accessories.