On February 15th (5:00pm – 6:00 pm, CET), Decarbonized and interconnected: the future energy markets, the new CESI webinar related to the last issue of our Energy Journal, will take place.

In the webinar, Anna Creti (Professor of Economics at the Paris Dauphine University, LeDA-CGEMP – Dauphine Economics Laboratory-Center for Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials) and Yasmine Arsalane (Power Sector Modeller at IEA) will give their opinions on the scenario and evolution of energy markets, together with Guido Bortoni (CESI Chairman).

During the webinar, the key speakers will assess global energy trends, the outcome of COP26, price volatility, sustainable technologies that influence energy markets, and the role of rare earth elements in shaping the ongoing energy transition.

Professor Creti has also been interviewed in the latest issue of CESI Energy Journal.

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