On May 3rd, at 10.30 am (CEST), Accelerating the development of renewables towards energy independence, the new webinar organized by Elettricità Futura and CESI, will take place.

The ongoing geopolitical crisis further exacerbates the energy emergency that has hit Europe for several months. As Italy is one of the countries that are suffering the greatest repercussions due to the strong dependence on gas in the production of electricity, increasing the development and use of renewable energy, highlighting its economic benefits and thus promoting investment in sustainable technologies, is a strategic solution to increase energy independence.

In this respect, the key experts of the power sector, together with CESI and Elettricità Futura experts, will discuss how renewable technological solutions could stem the current energy crisis.

At the end of the discussion, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin (Deputy Minister of Economic Development at the Italian Senate) will offer his final thoughts and closing remarks. Register, for free, by filling the form below.