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CESI is a world-wide recognised independent "third party" testing Organisation which issues Certificates (TC) of type, design, special and functional tests accepted all around the world as proof of the validity of the design of a product.

The availability of a list of Certificates of type, design, special and functional tests may be an help for purchasers in electric power supply industry, as a TC provides identification of the apparatus tested and ensures that a complete series of tests is satisfactorily performed for specific characteristics or ratings.
By the release of a TC, the ratings assigned by the Manufacturer are endorsed by CESI, and in fact a TC is issued only if the above requirements, that is the identification of the apparatus and the getting over of a specific series of tests, are adequately met.

Furthermore CESI is a founder member of the Short-circuit Testing Liaison (STL), an Organisation that provides a forum for international collaboration between testing Laboratories; and its basic aim is the harmonised application of IEC Standards, and related IEC Standards, to the type testing of electrical power equipment.
* The database update is in process. At the moment only TCs related to tests performed in the CESI platform in Milan are included. For further information please contact one of our three offices (CESI-IPH-FGH).



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