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Testing Labs
Smart Metering Laboratories
Today’s energy meter market is highly globalized, with manufacturers and users all over the world. Smart meters are critical components for both Distribution System Operators and energy users. They must keep accurately track of the energy exchanged between the system operators and users. Smart meter shall be accurate, reliable, and stable in all conditions for […]
Products Expertise
Measuring relays, and protection equipment
Measuring, protecting, controlling and maintaining electricity power networks in a smart grid world requires intelligent electronic devices ( IED ), such as smart energy meters , measuring relays, protection systems, control and automation devices. Protection relays may be called into action rarely or switch when they are not required. The consequences could be disastrous for […]
Smart Metering in Uzbekistan
​After the success of 2013 in Uzbekistan, CESI has been further selected by the company Uzbekenergo to provide specialist support as technical advisor to the project development of massive installation of digital meters . This new contract is integrated into a national project framework which involves the complete replacement of more than 5 million traditional […]
CESI to make Smart Metering a reality in Oman
Electricity Holding Company (Nama Group) has signed a contract with CESI Middle East  aiming to introduce ‘automated meter reading’ technology (AMR, also called smart – metering ) for high value customers. The agreement with CESI Middle East was signed in the presence of senior executives from EHC’s subsidiaries. According to the agreement, CESI will help […]
Testing labs
如今电能表市场高度全球化,其制造商和用户遍布世界各地。 对于配电系统运营商和能源用户来说,智能电表都是关键器件。它们必须保持精准跟踪系统运营商和用户之间的电力交易。无论在何区域以及何种条件下,智能电表必须确保精准、可靠和稳定。 智能电表型式试验 在其KEMA实验室里,CESI 可以按照所有相关的国际标准为各类智能电表提供享誉全球的公正型式试验和认证。 在我们的智能电表实验室,电能表将按照相关行业标准(ANSI, EN, IEC , OIML)进行型式试验和认证。KEMA实验室同时也是欧洲计量器具指令(MID 2014/32/EU) 的公告机构。 智能电表的生产检测 KEMA实验室可测试用于配电网和家庭以及其他智能电网组件中,多达700个单相智能表和300个多相智能电表之间电力线通信的可靠性。 智能电表电表认证 智能电表根据一系列国际标准进行试验和认证,包括: IEC 62052 -11;一般要求,试验和试验条件 IEC 62052 – 31 ; 产品安全 IEC 62053 -11/21/22/23/24; 特殊要求 IEC 62054 -21; 时间开关 IEC 62055 – 31 ; 费控表的特殊要求 IEC 62059 -32-1; 通过提高温度测试计量特性的稳定性 IEC 62059 -41; 可靠性预测 EN 50470-1/2/3; 一般要求和特殊要求的欧盟协调标准 ANSI C12; 电力计量规范 OIML R46; […]
Smart Metering Laboratories
As of June 2020, updated editions of the EN- IEC electricity meter standards were released, namely EN- IEC 62052 -11, EN- IEC 62053 -21, -22, -23, and -24. These editions, supplanting those from 2003 and their amendments from 2016, represent significant technical updates. The IEC’s technical committee TC13 has advised that nations should implement the […]
Type Test of Energy Meter
In June 2020, new versions of the EN- IEC product standards for electricity meters , the EN- IEC 62052 -11, EN- IEC 62053 -21, -22, -23, and -24, were published. These second editions cancel and replace the first editions published in 2003, including their 2016 amendments. This edition constitutes a technical revision. In the 2020 […]
Testing Labs
Climatic Chambers
Particular environmental conditions can significantly affect the behaviour of electrical equipment, generally reducing its capability. Kema Labs has more than 20 climatic chambers of different sizes, from 0.3 m 3  up to 31 m 3 , as well as two thermal chambers of 400 m 3  and 750 m 3  where ice tests on transformers […]
​Paris, August 27, 2018 – CESI is attending the 2018 Cigré Technical Exhibition in Paris. Cigré is apermanent, non-governmental and non-profit-making international association that facilitates and develops the exchange of engineering knowledge and information between engineering personnel and technical specialists in all countries. At booth 291, CESI is presenting its innovative services regarding:Power Systems studies […]
Testing Labs
Explosion Proof Test Laboratories
International standards require electrical and non-electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas to prove it can withstand particular external events such as explosions, spark ignition, extreme heat and high impacts. To test these capabilities, you need special laboratories that can simulate such extreme conditions. KEMA Labs offers a wide range of testing services for electrical and […]
​Muscat, October 31 , 2018 – CESI is protagonist of the live operation of a centrally implemented Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) project in Oman, commissioned by Nama Group. The AMR system is a central standard smart metering system that will enable electricity companies to obtain accurate, hourly meter readings from high value customers and collect […]
​Milan, July 31 , 2019 – Dubai has become one of the most sustainable and smart cities in the world, quickly rising in international classifications, leaving more storied Western megalopolises in its wake, one-by-one. According to a report published by the International Entrepreneurship Forum and Exhibition ( IEFE ) in 2018, Dubai currently stands 60th […]
Smart Metering Laboratories
Energy Meter Certification
Within its KEMA Laboratories, CESI offers world-renowned, impartial type testing and certification of all kinds of electricity smart meters according to all relevant international standards. Electricity smart meter technologies are an integral part of today’s interconnected world. Due to the implementation of such technologies, manufacturers and consumers alike are facing new and complex challenges, for […]
Testing Labs
Protection & Substation Automation Laboratories
The ongoing energy transition requires digitalization with intelligent electronic devices for measurement, protection, and control in power systems. Consequently, larger and smarter grids demand more communication between grid components, as ensuring that energy flows are correctly monitored, protected and controlled is vital to delivering a stable and reliable electricity supply. We offer independent type testing and certification of […]
Keynote for a “Smart” growth in Middle East
​ CESI will take part to the 2nd Annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit in Abu Dhabi from October 8th to 9th an event organized by Fleming Gulf. “The Middle East electricity market is one that promises to grow at an accelerated pace over the next few years. With higher consumption rates coupled with ambitious […]
A “Smart Strategy” Project in KSA
​CESI Middle East has been selected by the Electricity & Co-Generation Authority of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ECRA, to develop policies, specification requirements and an implementation plan for a smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure . This new mandate, which is the first kingdom-wide project of its kind to be undertaken in Saudi Arabia, […]
Technical papers
Technical design requirements and test experiences on Composite Hollow Core Insulators regarding pollution performance under AC and DC stress
This paper is a common approach of manufacturers of insulators, electrical equipment, transmission system and test labs to verify the expected behaviour in laboratory and outdoor tests. For the electrical design of composite insulators, different material properties and shed profiles for AC and DC conditions have to be taken into account respectively, considering the recommendations […]
Press release
CESI acquires an important project in Uzbekistan
​ CESI wins an international tender among more than 20 consultancy firms CESI has been selected by Uzbekenergo as technical advisor for the development of a Smart Metering installation project in Uzbekistan. The metering infrastructure, financed by the Asian Development Bank, forecasts 1 million smart meters as a first step of installation at households and […]
CESI first testing center for Meters and More
CESI S.p.A., on June, 9th 2015, has been appointed from the METERS AND MORE Association as the first world-wide testing center for the compliance certification of equipments based on the SMITP (CENELEC) standard. METERS AND MORE is an international non-profit association based in Brussels with the goal of providing the industry with a proven open […]
Testing Labs
Measuring Equipment Calibration
All electrical equipment, such as generators, dividers, transformers , and energy meters , requires periodic calibration. Our accredited calibration  laboratories  provide traceability of measurements to national standards. Unfortunately, we regularly find that fake reports and certificates are used in tenders, displaying fake Kema Labs logos. If you have any doubt or if you need further […]