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smart grids strategic analysis

Transmission & Distribution
Grid Modernisation
Intelligence has been integral to electricity grids since their inception: supervision, control and protection have always been key activities for system operators. So, what’s different about the smart grid ? Grids are becoming more complex for a variety of reasons, including the roll-out of distributed generation, changes in customer behavior (including the rise of the […]
A “Smart Strategy” Project in KSA
​CESI Middle East has been selected by the Electricity & Co-Generation Authority of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ECRA, to develop policies, specification requirements and an implementation plan for a smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure . This new mandate, which is the first kingdom-wide project of its kind to be undertaken in Saudi Arabia, […]
Advisory services
Planning studies
The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is affecting them in a variety of ways, including: a (r)evolution in the generation mix, the rise of distributed generation, the deployment of energy storage capacity, enhanced interconnections between countries and more integrated power markets. In addition, the electrification of sectors that still rely on fossil fuels is changing […]
Storage & E-mobility
E-mobility infrastructures
The electrification of transport is expected to significantly contribute to decarbonization. From private cars to corporate fleets, from public transport to commercial mobility, the whole system will have to be transformed, particularly in terms of managing supply and integrating electric vehicles into the power grid. CESI’s deep expertise in power grids and power markets, as […]
Smart grids for preventing blackouts?
​Transmission adequacy problems versus electrical growing consumptions, control and protection technological ageing, unpredictable renewable sources penetration, unbundling and market distortion effects, lack of coordination between system operators… are just examples of possible root causes which led  to partial or total blackouts in recent years worldwide. USA and European large disturbances on 2003 and 2005, as […]
International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids
​ CESI @ International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids (CIGRÉ BRASIL) 2015 in Botafogo-Rio de Janeiro. The event is a joint initiative of CIGRÉ Study committees-Brazil: • B5:(protection and Automation) • C2 (operation and control systems) • C6 (Distributed generation and distribution systems) • D2 (information and Telecommunication systems for electrical Systems) Aims to discuss regulatory issues for […]
Smart Grids: Empowering Cities!
​On October 15th, Matteo Codazzi was invited to chair the panelNEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR ENERGY NETWORKS IMPROVEMENT AND SMART URBAN SERVICES at “Smart Grids: Empowering Cities!”, an international workshop held at Enel’s Smart Lab, near CESI’s Headquarters in Milan. During the workshop, all the international guests were invited to visit EXPO 2015, which is the first greenfield […]
CESI rolls out 2nd phase of Oman project
​Muscat, CESI has been awarded the second phase of the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology implementation project by Nama Group Oman. The objectives of this AMR Roll Out assignment is the implementation of a central system to obtain customer readings remotely. With such a system, the Authority for Electricity Regulation in The Sultanate will be […]
CESI at the World Smart Grid Forum 2013
A business, regulatory and technical executive perspective Nations bring diverse drivers and approaches to the Smart Grid. But there is a unanimous, confirmed urgency to accelerate the development of strong, low-carbon energy systems that help address global issues around energy security, economic growth and climate change. This evolution needs to be accompanied by innovative business […]
Smart grid debates at the WEC Daegu 2013
​The 22nd World Energy Congress will be held in Daegu, Korea from Sunday, October 13 to Thursday, October 17, 2013. The Congress offers the best insights into the global energy sector and access to the leading global energy markets, with a high-level exclusive and informative program featuring addresses by government ministers and chief executives along […]
Press release
CESI insieme al Politecnico di Milano
Firmato oggi l’accordo di partnership allargata tra CESI e Politecnico di Milano che collaboreranno per 3 anni su ricerche di comune interesse, strategie di business, formazione, stage e borse di studio per studenti stranieri. Costruendo sullo storico e profondo legame tra Politecnico e CESI, fondato nel 1956 dal professore Ercole Bottani, docente di Elettrotecnica generale […]
Volatile RES & Thermal Plants flexibility
IntroductionWith the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and dependency from fossil fuels, in various countries the sharp increase of electrical RES (Renewable Energy Sources) as a result of policies of substantial subsidies is creating problems to an efficient and reliable operation of the electrical power system. Both transmission and distribution systems have to face an […]
Technical papers
Smart Grids: Preliminary MV Network Model using real time digitalsimulator and real devices in a closed loop control
The wide diffusion of Distributed Generation (DG) represents a possible development of modern electrical systems that can evolve towards “ Smart Grids “. In fact, Smart – Grids should manage energy production and loads in a smart way, through appropriate communication systems and applications to be designed for the scope. Moving in this direction, Enel […]
Keynote for a “Smart” growth in Middle East
​ CESI will take part to the 2nd Annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit in Abu Dhabi from October 8th to 9th an event organized by Fleming Gulf. “The Middle East electricity market is one that promises to grow at an accelerated pace over the next few years. With higher consumption rates coupled with ambitious […]
Milan, November 15, 2018 – CESI will attend the Energy Forum, organized  by The Adam Smith Society in collaboration with “Il Festival della Luce”. The Forum will deal with the most important trends in the energy sector. In this respect, CESI CEO Matteo Codazzi will make a speech on some of these trends: from the […]
Engineering Consulting
Construction & Commissioning Supervision
CESI has decades of experience in managing complex projects with multiple contractors where the manufacturing, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the system must be carried out in accordance with contractual conditions, design documents, applicable codes, standards, time scheduling and other contract requirements . Whether the development concerns power plants, industrial plants, testing laboratories, transmission […]
Energy Transformation & Smart Cities
Matteo Codazzi, CEO of CESI, took part to the conference on “New frontiers: Strategies and regions reshaping the future of Energy, Utilities & Mining” that was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 12 to15 November 2012 and organized by the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). On the agenda there were debates on energy transformation and industries’ convergence, […]
​Milan, March 12, 2019 – EnerNex, a CESI company, has recently been selected by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to support its grid modernization efforts. The Company will be the key Consultantto facilitate PUCO’s Data & Modern Grid Workgroup (DWG) and the Distribution System Planning Workgroup (PWG). Specifically, the DWG will focus on […]
The WFES 2012 and a new branch: two important happenings in the future of CESI
​The 5th edition of WFES 2012 (16 – 19 January) will be held in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), United Arab Emirates. Hosted by Masdar, WFES promotes innovation and investment opportunities surrounding renewable energy and environment. This year WFES will bring together more than 150 eminent thought leaders to reveal the latest innovations and […]
​Saudi Arabia, 03/04/2018 – Cesi just finalized a strategic project in support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in line with Saudi Vision 2030 regarding rooftop solar photovoltaic systems. The Company, in partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), was involved in different aspects, such as: preparation of detailed technical standards for connection of […]