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metering infrastructure cost benefit analysis

HIGH-VOLTAGE TESTING LABORATORY IN THE US The imperative for efficient energy transmission across vast distances has escalated, propelling manufacturers into intensified research, development, and production endeavors to create components capable of withstanding and transmitting higher voltages with optimal efficiency. Amidst this landscape, KEMA Labs High-Voltage laboratories stands tall as a globally recognized and independent facility […]
Transmission & Distribution
Grid Modernisation
Intelligence has been integral to electricity grids since their inception: supervision, control and protection have always been key activities for system operators. So, what’s different about the smart grid? Grids are becoming more complex for a variety of reasons, including the roll-out of distributed generation, changes in customer behavior (including the rise of the ‘prosumer’) […]
Advisory services
Planning studies
The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is affecting them in a variety of ways, including: a (r)evolution in the generation mix, the rise of distributed generation, the deployment of energy storage capacity, enhanced interconnections between countries and more integrated power markets. In addition, the electrification of sectors that still rely on fossil fuels is changing […]
High-Power Testing Laboratories in the US
HIGH-POWER TEST LABORATORY IN THE US – THE LARGEST FACILITY IN AMERICA Located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania (USA), KEMA LABs stands as a beacon of excellence for electrical testing services. KEMA LABs specializes in a broad array of tests, notably including both AC and DC high-power short-circuit examinations, as well as extensive high-voltage assessments.  Our expertise […]
ACER signs a Framework Agreement with CESI
​The European Agency for the Cooperation of the Energy Regulators – ACER – has signed with the Consortium led by CESI SpA (in association with RAMBØLL Denmark AS) a framework agreement for the provision of technical assistance activities in the field of energy regulation . The scope of the services under this Lot includes: • Technical […]
Technical papers
Assessing the impact of transmission investments on the Italian Ancillary Services Market using MODIS simulator
The justification of transmission investments is becoming more complex and challenging with respect to the past decades since environmentally friendly solutions shall be adopted and the benefits for the society must be clearly highlighted and quantified. Clear and objective indicators of the benefits arising from transmission projects are playing a key role to foster the […]
Med-TSO market studies
CESI has been awarded a contract by Med-TSO through an international call for tender. It is the first integrated Euro-Mediterranean market study proposed by the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators. The Euro-Mediterranean Region share the European necessity to enhance the coordination of  the development plans and  the electric grids operation  in order  to achieve  the benefits […]
Remediation project
Over the last 20 years, CESI has developed significant experience in soil and groundwater environmental remediation at industrial sites, in Italy and around the world. CESI designs remediation interventions at every stage of the project (from feasibility to execution. Our approach embraces innovation and sustainability in the choice of remediation technology and includes the following […]
​Milan, May 24, 2018 – Yesterday Egypt and Cyprus signed an agreement for the realization of EuroAfrica, the submarine interconnection that will allow electricity  exchanges between Europe and Africa. The project will speak Italian too. In fact, CESI has been selected as technology Consultant for the completion of a cost – benefits analysis regarding the […]
​Dammam, March 2019 – CESI Middle East delivered a 5-day training course on transmission system losses to National Grid – Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) in Dammam, through GCC ETL. The course contained important aspects for network planners, operators, and utility managers, such as notions on network modelling, voltage and frequency control, active and reactive power […]
Storage & E-mobility
E-mobility infrastructures
The electrification of transport is expected to significantly contribute to decarbonization. From private cars to corporate fleets, from public transport to commercial mobility, the whole system will have to be transformed, particularly in terms of managing supply and integrating electric vehicles into the power grid. CESI’s deep expertise in power grids and power markets, as […]
Civil Engineering
Feasibility studies
ISMES has a wide range of expertise in feasibility studies in all branches of Civil Engineering: ISMES carries out feasibility studies for civil infrastructure (such as roads, highways, railways, etc.) as well as for Power infrastructures (HydroPower Dams, RES power plants, Power interconnections, HV Substations..). These studies define the main aspects of civil engineering works […]
System Adequacy and Market Modelling
The Electric power System has a very important role for the economic development and welfare and is at the heart of a sustainable way to use energy. It is the largest machine ever been engineered: in Italy 60 thousand kilometers of transmission power lines – one and half time the circumference of the Earth – […]
Innovation within hydrogeological instability
Torrential rains and downpours devastated Europe over the course of 2014. Recent studies demonstrate that these kinds of phenomena may double by 2050, for an estimated 23 billion euro in collateral damages. Prevention is of paramount importance in order to limit the social costs of these events, and must be planned in a strategic manner […]
Technical papers
Maximum feasible penetration of non-programmable RES generation in power systems
​The large-scale development of renewable sources, with particular reference to wind, in the generation mix might introduce several problems for a secure management of the power system, due to a higher generation uncertainty, thus requiring careful investigations by the responsible for planning and the involved system operators. In this context, CESI has developed a thorough […]
Interconnecting the world
The importance of interconnections for cleaner energy ​​ According to most part of the scientific environment, climate change is mainly a result of human activity and since the mid-20th century it is proceeding at a very fast rate. But human beings are also capable of changing direction, and the development of innovative energy projects can […]
A prestigious contract with AFESD has been awarded to CESI
​ CESI Middle East, a market leader in power systems consulting and testing, has announced that it has been selected by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the pan Arab development finance institution, to undertake a feasibility study to determine the best options for electrical and gas interconnections scenario to create a single […]
Transmission & Distribution
HVAC Infrastructures
Both developing and industrialized countries are heavily investing to upgrade their power systems to ensure reliable and efficient power supplies and to facilitate energy trading with neighboring countries. At the same time, the traditional transmission network model is coming under pressure from the spread of distributed generation . With few technological breakthroughs likely in new […]
Soil & Groundwater
In the mining sector, CESI offers consulting and design services for major multinational mining companies, especially the design of remediation interventions and the execution of pre-design studies. Our services include:
Supergrid VS distributed generation
Super Grid, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy Sources, Distributed Generation and other fashion concepts can be astonishing when they are put together and not clearly harmonized. In fact they only apparently, but not really, imply opposite visions of the future power system. Distributed Generation (DG) has been associated, at first, with a “small scale” concept of […]