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how to test switching power supply

Testing, Inspection and Certification Services
Why choose KEMA Labs? How to submit your request? Submit your request now Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best testing, inspection and certification services for your energy products and systems. Fill out the form below and get a quote from KEMA Labs today.
Testing, Inspection and Certification Services
Why choose KEMA Labs? How to submit your request? Submit your request now Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best testing, inspection and certification services for your energy products and systems. Fill out the form below and get a quote from KEMA Labs today.
Low Voltage Laboratories
Low Voltage Standards: IEC 61439-2, IEC 61439-6, IEC 61643-11, IEC 61921, IEC/TR 61641
Adhering to international standards ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electrical systems in electrical engineering. The standards IEC 61439-2, IEC 61439-6, IEC 61643-11, IEC 61921, and IEC/TR 61641 are crucial for various low-voltage applications. Each standard addresses specific electrical equipment and installation requirements, ensuring safe and effective operation. IEC 61439-2 IEC 61439-2 specifies requirements […]
Low Voltage Laboratories
Low Voltage Standards: IEC 61992
In electrical engineering, international standards ensure electrical systems’ safety, reliability, and efficiency. The standards IEC 61992-2, IEC 61992-3, IEC 61992-4, and IEC 61992-6 are crucial for low-voltage applications in railway systems. Each standard addresses specific requirements for electrical equipment and installations, ensuring their safe and effective operation. IEC 61992-2 IEC 61992-2 specifies requirements for insulation […]
CESI at the 3rd Desertec Energy Conference
​We are pleased to announce that CESI will attend the 3rd Dii Desert Energy Conference which will be held in Berlin from 7th to 9th November, 2012. How can the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) supply their growing economies with secure and affordable electricity? How can the EU reach its ambitious climate action goals […]
Products Expertise
Battery Storage systems
As sustainable energy becomes more widespread, energy storage solutions are becoming essential to balance electricity supply and demand. Whether you are seeking to bring new products to market or consolidating a developed technology, the right partner is crucial . Our energy storage experts offer non-destructive (pre-) testing of batteries in dedicated facilities, as well as:
​April 1, 2019, Hannover – CESI is attending Hannover Messe,the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology, presenting its services at booth F04, Hall 12, to over 220,000 visitors: from its testing services forHVAC/HVDC Interconnections to Power System Studies, Smart Meters Testing and engineering services for Testing Laboratories . Hannover Messe embraces different areas of […]
Milan, October 11, 2018 –  CESI is attending as speaker the Word Energy Week, organized by the World Energy Council to promote the sustainable use and supply of energy. In particular, today Bruno Cova,  System Planning Director at CESI, is attending  the GO15 & ICER Workshop Meeting with a speech entitled “Key role of power […]
China EPower 2012 Exhibition
​CESI is pleased to announce their presence at the China EPower 2012 Exhibition, that will be held in Shanghai (P.R.C.) from May 9 to 11, 2012. CESI invites all their customers to Booth 6D16. CESI, together with IPH and FGH, is the market leader in the testing and certification of electromechanical components in HV, MV […]
Engineering Consulting
Construction & Commissioning Supervision
CESI has decades of experience in managing complex projects with multiple contractors where the manufacturing, supply , delivery, installation and commissioning of the system must be carried out in accordance with contractual conditions, design documents, applicable codes, standards, time scheduling and other contract requirements . Whether the development concerns power plants, industrial plants, testing laboratories, […]
Renewables: a study by CESI and WEC
​Renewables, including hydro, now account for over 30% of the total global installed power generation capacity and 23% of total global electricity production. In the past 10 years, wind and solar PV have witnessed an explosive average annual growth of 23% and 50% respectively, although their combined contribution to the global electricity supply is currently […]
​Hannover, April 23th 2018 – Cesi is attending the Hannover Messe Exhibition 2018 in Hannover, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology . The Company is presentingat booth F04its services,from testing to consultancy and engineering activities, including: power Systems studies and Power Market studies, design, owner’s engineering and testing for HVAC/HVDC Interconnections, Integration of […]
Products Expertise
Measuring relays, and protection equipment
Measuring, protecting, controlling and maintaining electricity power networks in a smart grid world requires intelligent electronic devices (IED), such as smart energy meters , measuring relays, protection systems, control and automation devices. Protection relays may be called into action rarely or switch when they are not required. The consequences could be disastrous for the energy […]
Products Expertise
Transportation will be the next sector to decarbonise, after electricity. The rise of electric vehicles will bring huge changes to the electricity sector as well as the automotive industry. Kema Labs can help you navigate this new and uncertain landscape. We have the expertise, competence and cutting-edge test facilities to help you take the last […]
Job Opportunities
KEMA Labs Jobs
Take a look at our new vacancies! Join KEMA Labs, the world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification activities. You will work with KEMA Labs’ colleagues around the world, a pool of experts with profound competences in the Power Industry.If you are ready to get to know us better, discover how you can play your […]
Technical papers
Testing experiences on extruded cable systems up to 525kVdc in the first third party worldwide laboratory
The booming of renewable power stations (solar and wind mill mainly), the increase use of Interconnectors and submarine cables, the construction of urban substations in big cities with intense population and the need to avoid the use the overhead lines (right of way and so on), are the main factors leading to the increasing amount […]
Storage & E-mobility
E-mobility infrastructures
The electrification of transport is expected to significantly contribute to decarbonization. From private cars to corporate fleets, from public transport to commercial mobility, the whole system will have to be transformed, particularly in terms of managing supply and integrating electric vehicles into the power grid. CESI’s deep expertise in power grids and power markets, as […]
Testing Labs
Protection & Substation Automation Laboratories
The ongoing energy transition requires digitalization with intelligent electronic devices for measurement, protection, and control in power systems. Consequently, larger and smarter grids demand more communication between grid components, as ensuring that energy flows are correctly monitored, protected and controlled is vital to delivering a stable and reliable electricity supply . We offer independent type testing and certification […]
Renewables & Green Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen
Hydrogen has been used for more than a century in industrial processes including the chemicals sector, refining, thermal treatments, cooling of generators, as a propellant fuel and in the food industry. To date, hydrogen has been produced mainly through steam methane reforming of natural gas. To reach net-zero emissions requires decarbonised hydrogen production. This can […]
Technical papers
Safety issues in case of internal arc on HV cable terminations, bushings
Worldwide demand for new T&D networks will increase in the near future pushing the utilities to install a larger number of high voltage equipment like cable terminations, bushings and surge arresters. Meanwhile the attention to environmental and safety issues is generally increasing . The aim of this paper is to analyze the potential risks associated […]