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Tower of Pisa monitoring system

Design, installation and management of monitoring systems on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of more than 25 historical buildings we have worked on in the last 25 years.

The automatic structural monitoring system was designed and installed on the Tower of Pisa in 1992 by CESI’s ISMES unit. The system’s sensors have helped to record the Tower’s movements and the impact of efforts to prevent its deterioration.

The measurements are collected and managed using a central control system equipped with a software system developed by CESI-ISMES.

Since 1992, CESI has provided and guaranteed remote assistance, maintenance and management services including:

  • Data recovery and control
  • Remote assistance
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance
  • Support to online and offline analysis of structural behaviour
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Data analysis
Installation of monitoring systems
Monitoring architecture & design
Remote assistance & Maintanance of monitoring systems
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