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Technical assistance for Smart Metering project in Montenegro

Technical assistance to project implementation unit of Montenegro smart metering project.

EPCG is the largest company in the Montenegrin energy sector, serving around 310,000 customers. EPCG received a loan from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development to fund the acquisition and installation of smart meters and related telecommunication equipment.

The EPCG smart metering project has the following main goals:

  • To reduce Montenegro’s energy and carbon intensity, encouraging efficiency and reducing losses by providing customers with a prompt measure of consumption
  • To set out the basis for the future smart grid
  • To replace existing electricity meters with modern smart meters

The main services provided by CESI were:

  • Project preparation and support during tender phase
  • Support during implementation phase including supervision during the defect liability period and environmental and social action plan
  • Overall project evaluation
Area Manager
Construction supervision & commissioning
Design Review
Technical specification & Procurement Assistance
Industries Expertise
Grid modernization
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