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Smart Grid in developing countries

CESI and EnerNex ( assisted the World Bank in its smart grid project in the developing world. The objectives of the project were three-fold:

(i) to take stock of the status of existing smart grid infrastructure in the developing world

(ii) to assess the experience of a sample of World Bank Group (WBG) client countries with smart grid infrastructure deployment and implementation and identify barriers and emerging lessons; and

(iii) to develop detailed guidance and recommendations on how the World Bank Group may assist clients in the deployment of smart grid infrastructure (both transmission and distribution) to enhance core outcomes and emerging challenges (e.g., improve overall efficiency and quality of service, and integrated variable renewable energy and distributed generation).

A preliminary list of developing countries which appear to have deployed smart grid components includes: Argentina; Armenia; Bangladesh; Brazil; Chile; China; Dominican Republic; Georgia; Haiti; India; Kenya; Jamaica; Malawi; Malaysia; Mongolia; Mozambique; Peru; South Africa; Thailand; Turkey; Uganda; Ukraine; and Vietnam.

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2021 - 2022
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Grid modernization
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