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Regional Market study for MED-TSO

MED-TSO – development of a regional market study for the evaluation of network investments to increase exchange capacity among countries with horizon 2030.

Investments clusters aimed at increasing exchange capacity among Med-TSO countries can increase security of supply, social economic welfare, RES integration and reducing CO2 emissions.
CESI developed, in collaboration with Med-TSO members, four market scenarios for 2030 in order to evaluate the network investments that would be required to increase exchange capacity among countries.

The four scenarios were:

  • Business as usual and improved security of supply
  • Green future based on gas and local integration of renewable energies, along with the management of the consequent grid complexity
  • High economic growth, supporting high interconnection development and free carbon thermal plants development in the South of the Mediterranean area
  • Green future and market integration at international level

The study was carried out with the Grid Reliability and Adequacy Risk Evaluator simulation model (GRARE), a tool developed by CESI for Terna, on a Europe-wide basis. GRARE was one of four software programs used in the 2016 ENTSO-E Mid-term Adequacy Forecast (MAF, formerly the Scenario Outlook and Adequacy Forecast Or SO&AF), the new mid-term assessment of pan-European adequacy, which adopts market-based probabilistic modelling techniques, a significant change in methodology.

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