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PV Generation assessment in Australia

Assessment of PV generation in Australian electricity system.

Eni wanted to evaluate the impact of 2 x 10 MWac PV generators on the Australian transmission grid. A preliminary analysis was carried out by the project developer.

CESI was asked to evaluate:

  • Compliance with the applicable grid code
  • The amount of curtailments (if any) there would be without an energy storage system, where any energy storage system should be installed and what size it should be
  • The impact on the dynamic performance of the grid of a rapid change in the injected PV production because of, for example, the passage of clouds

To achieve these objectives, we carried out the following tasks:

  • We reviewed existing documentation about the targeted area for preliminary evaluation on dispatching electricity and we identified possible data gaps and uncertainties
  • We set up a grid model, identified study scenarios and performed static and dynamic grid analyses to ensure the installation would not affect the security of the power system when connected
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