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Project supervision for HV substations rehabilitation

Project supervision and management consultancy for rehabilitation of four HV substations in Armenia.

CESI was selected by Armenia’s TSO, the High Voltage Electrical Networks CJSC (HVEN), and the Asian Development Bank to improve the efficiency and reliability of the power system and energy trading with neighbouring countries, as well as supporting the upgrade and extension of two 220kV grid substations.

CESI provides assistance with the project supervision and management, including review of the design, civil engineering, erection, testing and commissioning, and environmental monitoring, as well as enhancing the client’s project management capacity and providing regular progress reports.

CESI is helping HVEN’s implementation of the project by:

  • Reviewing design and plans for substation upgrades prepared by the general contractor
  • Supervising the work of suppliers and contractors, and ensuring successful commissioning of the project
Area Manager
Construction supervision & commissioning
Design Review
Industries Expertise
HVAC Infrastructures
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