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Procurement Assistance for interconnection between Saudi Arabia and Egypt

  procurement assistance for implementation of bipole 500kV HVDC Interconnection project between Saudi Arabia and Egypt

CESI supported the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) during the procurement process for the electrical interconnection project between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The interconnection is a strategic project for both countries, giving them the flexibility to share their capacity, to trade energy and to rely on mutual support during periods of emergency.

The project is technically challenging, comprising a bi-pole ±500kV multi-terminal between Badr in Egypt and Madina-East in Saudi Arabia, with an intermediate terminal point at Tabuk in the kingdom. The 1,200km HVDC line can carry 3,000MW of electricity.

Such a complex project requires the high-level expertise that CESI has gained in many years working on HVDC interconnections all over the world.

CESI was heavily involved in the feasibility study that highlighted the economic benefits of the project and led to its approval.

CESI was further involved at the procurement stage, carrying out:

  • Critical review of the contract bid documents
  • Critical review of the pre- and post-bid clarification and addendums
  • Technical evaluation of the bidders’ offers
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Egypt, Saudi Arabia
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HVDC Infrastructures
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