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Pricing model for Western Africa Power Pool

Finalization of pricing model for regional power transmission in the Western African power pool

The project aims to assist WAPP (Western African Power Pool) in creating a regional transmission pricing model based on the adopted Regional Transmission Tariff Methodology.

CESI consultancy services include:

  • Reviewing the Regional Transmission Pricing Model (RTPM), assumptions, formula and data inputs to gain a thorough understanding of the model developed by WAPP and finalise related procedures
  • Performing a trial of the pricing model on existing ECOWAS bilateral arrangements
  • Helping WAPP stakeholders understand the assumptions, data models and parameters used in the RTPM
  • Ensuring the assumptions, data models and parameters used in the RTPM are validated by stakeholders
  • Creating a common understanding of the relationship between the RTPM and the tariffs adopted by TRANSCO CLSG, the interconnection line between Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, for the CLSG Interconnection programme and the future North Core Interconnection to link the electricity systems of Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Nigeria
  • Helping stakeholders to agree on and accept the final RTPM
  • Preparing facilitation report detailing lessons learnt from the working sessions and ways to obtain consensus on any outstanding issues
  • Preparing the complete filing for the submission of the RTPM and the related procedures to the regional regulator (ERERA).
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