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Pre-Feasibility and Detailed Feasibility Study to Develop Off-Shore Wind Farms in Bangladesh

In the effort to minimize carbon emission, the Government of Bangladesh started a new project to assess the potential of harnessing wind resources from the deep and shallow seas, especially by the coast of Bay of Bengal which holds the best source of wind energy. In 2022, the Bangladesh Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) has set a target of generating 5GW of onshore and offshore wind power by 2030. In this framework the consortium led by CESI has been asked to undertake a prefeasibility and feasibility study for the implementation of offshore wind farms in the Bay of Bengal.

The project addresses the following main topics: 

  • Assess the potential of wind energy in offshore areas of Bangladesh
  • Identify the potential offshore locations for wind power generation
  • Develop viable business model for offshore wind projects
  • Attract public/private sector investment in wind power sector
  • Increase wind energy share in the power generation.
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2023 - ongoing
Planning Studies
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On-shore and Off-shore Wind
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