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Pangue Dam automatic monitoring system

The Pangue dam is located approximately 600 km south of the city of Santiago, Chile, at the confluence of the Pangue and Biobío rivers. From the reservoir, water is supplied to the Pangue hydroelectric power station built in a cavern at the foot of the dam. It is a gravity dam, made of roller-compacted concrete (RCC), built in 1995 on the Biobío River, with four large spillways at its ends to evacuate floodwaters.

CESI has designed, supplied, installed and configurated automatic monitoring system for the dam to enable the check of the dam behavior in normal operation condition and after an earthquake can occur.

Area Manager
2021 - 2022
Data analysis
Installation of monitoring systems
ISMES - Water & Infrastructure
Monitoring architecture & design
Remote assistance & Maintanance of monitoring systems
Industries Expertise
Dam Monitoring and Dam inspections
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