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Owner’s Engineering for Belo Monte project

Owner’s Engineering services for Belo Monte 1 HVDC project in Brazil

Belo Monte is one of the biggest transmission projects in the world, created to move the 11,250MW of power produced by the Belo Monte hydropower project in the Amazon region to the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro areas, where demand is concentrated. CESI was selected in an international tender to provide technical assistance in the first tranche of the project, connecting the power plant to the Estreito Station, via a 2,500km power line with a capacity of ±800kV/4,000MW.

The main tasks for the project were to:

  • Verify and review the design of the main components, including converters, transformers, smoothing reactors, filters and valves
  • Carry out type tests and routine tests on the main construction components
  • Develop control and protection system
Area Manager
Construction supervision & commissioning
Design Review
Technical specification & Procurement Assistance
Industries Expertise
HVDC Infrastructures
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