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Offshore Wind Regulatory Framework in the Philippines

Offshore wind (OSW) is one of the world’s most promising renewable energy sources. In the Philippines, there is currently no installed capacity, but the potential benefits are numerous and include: a large technical capacity potential (>100 GW), the ability to deploy very large projects (e.g., >1,000 MW) without occupying valuable land in a densely populated country and a clean and native source of energy. To responsibly develop a sustainable resource for the nation and attract OSW investors and developers, it is crucial to maximize long-term certainty which includes the establishment of a well-designed and reliable regulatory framework.

The assignment is aimed to develop analysis, recommendations and stakeholder engagement, to assess necessary baseline information and assist the Philippine Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in determining their first OSW regulatory framework.

Area Manager
2023 - ongoing
Regulatory & Market studies
Industries Expertise
On-shore and Off-shore Wind
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