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Interconnection study in Algeria

Interconnection study of the Algerian Adrar-in Salah network into the Northern interconnected network, including the integration of renewable energies.

In its renewable energy development programme for 2015-2030, the Algerian government planned to install up to 4,500 MW of renewable energy capacity, mainly wind and solar PV. The country already has considerable renewable energy capacity integrated into both the North Interconnected Network (RIN) and the Adrar-In Salah network in the south of the country. The Electricity System Operator wanted to know whether it was technically feasible to build a 1,000 km interconnection between these two networks in order to allow the exchange of power and to be able to safely manage the two interconnected networks, taking into account the technical issues introduced by intermittent renewable sources.
The study, carried out by the system operator’s engineers under CESI supervision, evaluated the technical feasibility of the interconnection between the RIN and the Adrar-In Salah networks and identified problems related to the connection, operation and management of the two interconnected networks.

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