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Hydraulic and geological risk assessment

Hydraulic and geological risk assessment of national roads

ANAS asked CESI to perform a hydrological and geological risk assessment of Italy’s national road infrastructure, which comprises 30,000km of road and more than 12,000 bridges and viaducts. Given the scale of the network, the risk analysis was necessarily approached at a national level.

The first step was a desk study of existing national hydrological and geological hazard maps, based on data produced by ISPRA (the National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research).

Applying GIS analysis, we identified the parts of the road network that are exposed to flood and landslide risks to create a risk index. By working with ISPRA, we were able to deepen the analysis of landslide risk, taking in account the different types of landslides (including falls, topples and slides) and their velocity. We also produced research on the risk of hydraulic bridge scour.

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