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Highway tunnels monitorinn system

Design, installation and management of monitoring systems on highway tunnels – Livorno

CESI’s ISMES unit designed and installed an automatic structural monitoring system on six highway tunnels in 2011. The system comprises a network of 280 strain gauges installed on the tunnel supporting beams. The measurements are collected and managed using a central control system equipped with a software system developed by CESI-ISMES.

From the start, CESI has provided remote assistance, maintenance and management including:

  • Data recovery and control
  • Remote assistance
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance

In 2019, CESI develop a real-time decision support system based on the data produced by the automatic monitoring system. The system processes the acquired data in real-time and provides a global analysis of the structures’ behaviour, analysing the condition of the various structural parts and comparing them to the optimum stability and safety conditions.

Area Manager
Data analysis
Installation of monitoring systems
Monitoring architecture & design
Remote assistance & Maintanance of monitoring systems
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Transport Infrastructures
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