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Grid Impact study of solar power plant in Ghana

Grid system impact study of a new 50 MW PV solar power plant in Ghana

Ghana is promoting the development of renewable generation, especially wind and photovoltaic (PV) power plants.As part of this development plan, Eni planned to develop a 50 MW PV power plant in the northern part of the country, with two possible sites identified.
CESI was asked to verify the feasibility of connecting the project to the transmission system and check that the PV components of the project met the technical, security and connection requirements for renewable power plants at the PCC (Point of Common Coupling), as set out in the Ghanaian Grid Code.
CESI’s activities included:

  • Confirming that the GRIDCo transmission system could cope with the power generated by the maximum project size
  • Assessing the impact of the project on the performance of the power system and on transmission network, considering:
    • Thermal impact
    • Voltage impact
    • Short circuit impact and system strength
  • Identifying the basic technical requirements of the PV components in order to ensure security criteria and connection requirements were respected.
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