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Grid expansion plan for Bolivia

20-year expansion plan study of the Bolivian electric system

CESI won an international tender to develop a study of how to expand generation, transmission and distribution capacity in Bolivia over a 20-year time horizon.

The study required proposals that met the requirements of the Interconnected National System (SIN), of the islanded systems to be incorporated into the SIN and export demand, while complying with the margins of reliability and quality of the Bolivian Network Code, all at minimum cost.

The tasks required for the study are:

  • Analysis of the current state of the electrical system and definition of assumptions for the study
  • Forecast of power and energy demand
  • Analysis and recommendations for improvements to the Network Code
  • Distribution plan study (Subtransmission 69 kV and higher)
  • Study of the optimum penetration of non-conventional renewable generation
  • Generation master plan
  • Transmission master plan
  • Project implementation scheduling and relevant budget evaluation
  • Sensitivity analysis
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