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Full technical support for TELEGESTORE Metering project in Italy

Ten years of full technical support for Italy’s TELEGESTORE project, the biggest smart metering project ever, with 30 million meters installed.

Italy’s TELEGESTORE metering project, which allows the remote reading and operation of more than 30 million residential and industrial meters, is the world’s biggest smart metering scheme.
Over the 10 years required to deploy an infrastructure of this size, CESI has played a crucial role, acting as
technical consultant and offering owner’s engineering services for the Italian DSO, providing technical consultancy and laboratory tests for the development, certification and integration of the components of the meters .

CESI services included:

  • Operation and management of several labs for meter approval, certification, and calibration
  • Function and accuracy tests for certification by European and international certification bodies
  • Development and approval of new equipment with advanced PLC communication modules and with multi-standard functionality
  • Onsite simulated tests
  • Function tests for new firmware approvals and releases
  • Technical support to design labs
  • Meteorological, EMC compatibility, environmental compatibility and safety laboratory tests on meter components
  • Production qualification tests
  • Engineering assessment of products and production processes
  • “Accelerated life” tests in climatic cells
  • Technical support for software development
  • Technical support for electromechanical design
  • Technical support for management of meter assembly and verification of smart metering functionality
Area Manager
Construction supervision & commissioning
Design Review
Technical specification & Procurement Assistance
Industries Expertise
Grid modernization
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