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Feasibility study between Saudi Arabia and Jordan

 Feasibility study for 400 kV HVDC electricity interconnection between Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

CESI carried out a comprehensive technical and economic assessment for the electrical utilities of Saudi Arabia and Jordan of the feasibility of a new interconnection between the two countries.

The interconnection project is a strategic link for the two countries and the entire Middle East region. It creates the opportunity to trade electricity to save fuel and optimise investments in new generation capacity, the possibility of accommodating ambitious renewable energy targets in the two kingdoms and creates a power corridor between the interconnected GCC system and the Mediterranean region of the Middle East.

CESI supported the client in a range of activities, including:

  • Power system studies investigating the static and dynamic behaviour of the power systems in Jordan and KSA in the presence of the new interconnection and identification of optimal connecting substations, size and technology
  • Environmental assessment and identification of the best routing to comply with the main requirements, relating to human activities, fauna and flora impact. The study included a review of national laws and regulations
  • Review of the existing legal and regulatory framework in the two countries, in relation to cross-border electricity trading. Identification of main gaps and recommendation of actions for filling the gaps
  • Economic analysis, with comparison of costs and benefits of the new link, in light of the technical characteristics of the two power systems
  • Identification of suitable business models in terms of financing structure, ownership and operation modes and assessment of financial feasibility
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